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River Avon Trail Guide Book

The 32 page colour guide to the River Avon Trail contains practical information for walkers, cyclists, horse riders, wheelchair and pushchair users. It also contains 8 detailed map sections and several themed pages. You can view and/or download a low resolution copy here:

          Booklet.pdf     (1.3 MB)

The latest version of the trail booklet is now available from the Avon Frome Partnership.
Phone 0117 922 4325 for your free copy.

Other Downloadable Guides

         6_bridges_walk.pdf     (798 KB)
         avwleaflet.pdf     (3 MB)
         carrs_wood_leaflet.pdf     (847 KB)
         eastwood-farm-leaflet.pdf     (2 MB)
         eastwood_farm_lnr_walk.pdf     (1 MB)
         frome_valley_booklet.pdf     (712 KB)
         lamplighter's_marsh_a3_leaflet.pdf     (1 MB)
         leighwoods_leaflet.pdf     (1 MB)
         river_avon_road_and_rail_walk.pdf     (1 MB)
         st-philips-greenway.pdf     (794 KB)
         the_dramway.pdf     (1 MB)
         troopers_hill_lnr_walk.pdf     (2 MB)
         two_brass_mills_walk.pdf     (636 KB)


The information contained on this website, in the guide book and on the information boards along the Trail is the result of extensive research. Here is the downloadable bibliography:

          bibliography.pdf   (147 KB)
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